Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exam Result month of Aug-2014

            EX300 (RHCE) 23-08-2014 Chennai  Ex300- 23082014.pdf
            EX200 (RHCSA) 22-08-2014 Chennai  Ex200-22082014.pdf
            EX300 (RHCE) 22-08-2014 Chennai  Ex300- 22082014.pdf
            EX300 (RHCE) 01-08-2014 Chennai  Ex300- 01082014.pdf
EX210(Openstack) 29-08-2014 Chennai  Ex210- 29082014.pdf
EX-300(RHCE) 25-08-2014 Chennai  Ex-300.pdf
EX-200(RHCSA) 25-08-2014 Chennai  Ex-200.pdf
EX200 (RHCSA) 23-08-2014 Chennai  Ex200- 23082014.pdf

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Exam calender month of Aug-2014

EX-300 25-08-2014 Bengaluru
EX-200 25-08-2014 Bengaluru
EX-300 22-08-2014 Chennai
EX-200 21-08-2014 Chennai
EX-300 21-08-2014 Chennai
EX-200 08-08-2014 Bengaluru
EX-300 08-08-2014 Bengaluru
EX-413 02-08-2014 Chennai

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