Monday, February 5, 2018

RHEL7 Intro Class first Day Environment RedHat Training Chennai

RHEL7 Intro Class

Ø First Day Class

Ø Introduction to the RHEL

Introducton to the RedHat Enterprise Linux
Advantage Of RHEL

ü security

ü Inbuild Firewalld

ü Linux core modules about the firewalld

ü Selinux   

        Security Linux about details

                PermissionVirus free

How to securely acting our RHEL product run on without  
      any warms and viruses.
Difference Between RHEL6 and RHEL7

v Init  ->first process of the rhel6

v System ->first process of the rhel7

v Iptables -> Using allow and deny the network level security

v Firewalld -> same allow deny the network level security

v Course DetailsRHCSA  about the datails

Ø Sa1 ->System administration 1

Ø Sa2 -> system administration 2

Ø Course code and all

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